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Refill your Prima body and bath favourites for less and never run out.

Sustainability at Heart

Show  your love to the  world by keeping hold of your bottles and ordering our brand new Prima-Refills.

By choosing these refill packs, you're helping to close the loop on waste. Reusable packaging systems often show environmental benefits over single-use systems.

Less packaging and at a better value! 

Cultivating sustainable ballet routines by reducing waste packaging and overall carbon footprint.

Inverted stand-up pouch allows for space-efficient storage and better recycling options.

Hair Care Essentials

Nourish and care for your locks with the

Nutcracker-Inspired Hair Care Collection refills.

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Refill Pouch Cooling Collection.jpg

Body Care Essentials

Revitalize and refresh your body with the

Cooling Collection refills.

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