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The First Skincare & Wellness Brand for Ballerinas, Officially Launches!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

PRIMA by StageRitual officially launches, the first of its kind

August 1, 2021 — On the first Sunday of August, PRIMA by StageRitual, a skincare and wellness brand for ballerinas, made their debut as they introduce their first collection during their virtual launch. With world-renowned Prima ballerinas across the globe as guests, they shed light on their experiences during the past year as they cope with sudden changes because of the pandemic. PRIMA also introduces Prima Club, a community for every ballerina across the globe.

PRIMA celebrates every ballerina’s success on the stage and in the world.

PRIMA by StageRitual finally introduced themselves to the ballet community with a fresh lineup of products. Their debut collection, the Cooling Collection, is formulated with natural and organic ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free.

The collection features a set of three products: the Cooling Oil, Cooling Massage Lotion, and Cooling Shower Gel. Created with the intent to help relieve training-related pain, it contains plant-powered ingredients infused with the distinct scent of chamomile that is sure to help cool down the body and ease the senses.

With notable Prima ballerinas experiencing the comfort brought by PRIMA’s Cooling Collection firsthand, they now pass the box to you, as you deserve to feel its comfort, too.

As the event moves forward, it is time to introduce the special invitees and the main topic of the launch. One word easily comes to mind with the mention of 2020: changes. For the past year, many of us have been through a plethora of events that have affected our daily routines. For dancers, these routine changes have taken a toll on them, both physically and mentally. While dance studios continue to close and reopen, theaters rarely do so at all. The panel of Prima ballerinas has opened up about their struggles with coping, sharing their experiences that may be of help to fellow dancers in the audience.

Prima ballerinas, from left to right: (first row) Maria Khoreva, Skylar Brandt, Misa Kuranaga, Nikisha Fogo, (second row) Iana Salenko, Jemima Reyes, Anna Ol, Denise Parungao-Phillips, (third row) Lauretta Summerscales, Evgenia Obraztsova, Nicoletta Manni

For a dancer, losing the chance to practice at the studio and the chance to perform on stage, naturally brings in negative feelings that are hard to dismiss. Prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre, Skylar Brandt, discussed how she felt devastated when everything came to a halt until she became aware of the situation. “It’s not just me going through this, it’s the whole world,” she realized, “I tried to switch gears, mentally, and take advantage of the time to be able to both grow as a person and to rest, recover, re-examine my goals.”

Giving in to the thought of losing yourself during the journey would be easy, but it is comforting to know that you are not alone in the route you are taking. Brandt added: “The time allowed me to spend more time with my family, which I might not be doing otherwise if I was on the road performing.” Throughout the coping process, it is important to focus on yourself. Do things that help you be the best version of you for the day. It can be basking in the warmth of the support you receive from the people around you, or the little things like decorating your apartment to make it feel more of a home, or maybe even hearing encouragement from your role model as they go through the same thing. Let the positives catalyst a tiny sprout of courage in you, on its way to grow and blossom into something more.

Maintaining the old routines is one of the common struggles faced by every dancer during the pandemic. Misa Kuranaga, Prima ballerina of San Francisco Ballet, explains the restrictions she went through. Many muscles are in constant need of stretching, and as studios remained closed for the longest time, there was only so much one can do within the restraints of their houses. Funny enough, she shared about how the situation was for her and her neighbors. “Personally, I could not jump at all at home because my neighbor complained that I was loud,” she explained, “I didn’t jump at all for probably around eight months.”

As the world shifts to a post-pandemic era, it is tempting to spring back into the habits honed by years of practice. But as Kuranaga advised, it is important to be careful once you start again, like how she took her time with her jumps as her muscles were not the same as it was before. Prima ballerina, Nicoletta Manni, of Teatro Alla Scala also agreed, as she had to calm herself down and take things slow in order to build stamina and get back in shape. After recovering her old pace, she excitedly shared, “I had the opportunity to dance a full-length ballet after a year and a half, and I can say that it was amazing. (…) In my heart and in my mind, it was just an enormous feeling and I was just grateful for what I have.”

When theaters started to reopen, artists finally got to experience the thrill that comes with performing on stage once again. For Maria Khoreva of the Mariinsky Theatre, getting back on stage felt like it was the most precious thing. “Now, you start to value live arts much more,” she said, “because we realize that life for us performers became empty without the live art.” Though there were safer alternatives to watching stage performances, like having your audience watch you through a screen, it is still a different feeling having the audience right in front of you. Nicoletta Manni also mentioned: “Feeling the energy, the passion, the warmness of (seeing the audience) clapping, it is just something that I cannot explain.”

Many things have changed, and it could be for better or worse depending on how you want it to be. Routines you can get back to, routines you have discovered to be changeable, a shift in the paradigm that opens up a new lifeline for personal growth. As everyone starts preparing for the reopening of theaters, one starts to realize the feeling of ease having your fellow dancers with you in the studio. You start to appreciate the camaraderie within the community because no one knows what you go through as they do.

With all things considered, PRIMA recognizes the importance of having a community that understands you. As the segment with the Prima ballerinas end, PRIMA formally presents Prima Club, a community where every ballerina belongs.

Prima Club, Prima by StageRitual's launched space for ballerinas

Prima Club offers a platform where ballerinas are free to share their thoughts and connect with other ballerinas. While it promotes the idea of staying connected with fellow ballerinas from all around the world, Prima Club also offers access to more of their events in the future, as well as exclusive perks from brand partners.

PRIMA by StageRitual was founded by CEO, Vieve Rohrer, with the desire to create something for the industry that is near to her heart. Rohrer aims to develop products specifically catered for a ballerina, from a ballerina. As a result, the first collection was formulated and actualized with the goal of bringing comfort to one’s body and senses after a tiring day of practice or successful onstage performance.

A sneak peek of other collections was also shared briefly, and surely, those are something to look out for in the near future. A little tip, Prima Club members get to receive these future collections even before their official release to the public, so join the club now as it starts to grow. You can find out more about PRIMA and Prima Club when you visit their website. You can also reach out to any of their socials: Instagram, Facebook.

Written by: Grace Iglesias

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