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Loving You Thrice This February

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Because spreading love is not limited to just between us

People say third time’s the charm. Well, maybe they meant to say ‘three’? Come see how we try and share the love thrice this February with Prima. After all, spreading love is the charm of February.

As a skincare and wellness brand, Prima curates products with all-natural and organic ingredients, intended to provide the best experience for every customer. From the comfort given by the Cooling Collection after tiring schedules, to the effectiveness of the Nutcracker-Inspired Hair Care Collections for every bunhead, Prima has been continuously formulating products that could be of help to ballerinas. But of course, wonderful experiences like these must not be kept a secret.

Prima Collections in Valentine's edition packaging

Share the love with the ones you hold dear through a sweet, little Valentine gift. Prima’s collections just got sweeter with its new, limited Valentine’s edition packaging for the month of February. You can also send the gift with a personalized card by leaving your message on Prima’s website before checking out your purchases.

Plastic waste is a growing concern that the world has been facing for many years. From its production to its disposal, the entire lifespan of plastic consumes a huge number of resources which ultimately leads to various environmental impacts [1]. In an attempt to lessen the use of packaging and promote the reuse of original product containers, Prima releases its newest set of refill packs.

The refill packs are currently available for all of Prima’s existing products, with the exception of oil-based items. It also comes with resealable caps, so you don’t have to worry if you do not own any of its original containers since they could be used and stored as it is. As important it is to reuse and recycle, let us close the loop and start reducing the use of plastic whenever possible. Share your love for the world and reduce your plastic footprint with us, one step at a time.

We all went through changes since the pandemic started, ones that involve the routines we have built up for many years. As studios and theaters start closing one by one, some with no intention of reopening, there are more and more dancers losing their jobs without much say about the matter. With the circumstances as it is, Prima wants to extend the love to all dancers through the upcoming launch of One with Prima, an affiliate program that aims to provide additional income for dancers who need financial help.

One with Prima introduces a new era of dance entrepreneurship for One Prima members, with products beneficial to them and their peers, as well as the flexibility of starting small to scaling it big without huge commitments. Watch out for news about One with Prima from Prima’s website and check out how to become a One Prima member to start earning in the comfort of your own home while receiving incentives, as well.

The world continues to progress in a way we can never predict, and the results are rarely constant, either. Prima hopes to be one of your constants as you face challenges throughout your journey. As we take on these changes and improve for the better, let us never forget to spread the love along the way. After all, a little kindness goes a long way. Let us move forward together, hand in hand.

For our loved ones, the world, and all the dancers, we are loving you thrice this February, and for the many years to come.


[1] G. Gourmelon, "Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags," 27 January 2015. [Online].

Written by: Grace Iglesias

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