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For A Ballerina, From A Ballerina

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The creation of PRIMA.

Years of stretching their muscles lean and stabilizing their core strength, the flawless and elegant lines that captivate the audience are the results of a ballerina’s hardships behind the scenes, all for the perfect stage of their dreams. Ballet is everything but easy, but ballerinas make it look like it is.

When the curtains close, lights out, and stage makeup off, one knows that recuperation is just as important as preparation, and PRIMA aims to be the brand a ballerina trusts for the entire process. For the many years that ballet has existed, there has not been a skincare and wellness brand that caters specifically to the needs of a ballerina. PRIMA believes that the products you use should know you. Like how you look for the perfect company to help bring out the best of your potential, look for a product that understands what you do.

During their debut launch, PRIMA unveiled their first product lineup, the Cooling Collection—a skincare line that aims to help you soothe your sore muscles. Conscious consumers also need not worry as the company takes pride in their ethically sourced ingredients, a step taken in order to ensure sustainability. The ingredients are also vegan, so you can indulge yourself in relaxing, guilt-free, after a day of hard work at the theatre.

PRIMA continues to tease its followers about its new lineup of products. This time, they finally introduced the stars of their new collection—a Nutcracker-inspired lineup of hair care products to help ballerinas with their hair struggles. The Sugar Plum and Clara sets were unveiled in their latest Instagram posts, excitement bubbling up as their followers comment which set they are more excited for.

The two haircare sets have different purposes to focus on what your hair needs. The Sugar Plum-inspired set helps bring back life to your damaged hair, while the Clara-inspired set helps with the frizz after freeing your hair from that tight bun.

Pulling up your hair into a bun every day causes a lot of stress and tension, not only for your hair but your scalp as well. The Sugar Plum set helps with the damage by strengthening your hair and repairing frayed ends, making your hair stronger and preventing it from breakage so it can grow long and healthy.

When performances are getting nearer, and there come numerous stage rehearsals, your bun never catches a break from the chemicals in hair products. Protect your hair with the Clara set. It cleanses and hydrates your hair to protect it from frizz, leaving it shiny and smooth to the touch.

The Nutcracker-inspired Collection is already available for pre-order on PRIMA’s website. Purchasing the sets during the pre-order period ensures that you get to receive your collection earlier than the rest. Be one of the first to try PRIMA’s newest haircare collection. Want to hear an exciting tip? PRIMA also has an ongoing ambassador search, so once you get your hands on their newest collection, do try uploading an entry! You might end up getting chosen to be one of their ambassadors.

As the season of gift-giving approaches, PRIMA has also made it possible for you to send collections as a gift. Let your ballerina friends experience the comfort of PRIMA products! You can also add a message for the recipient when you checkout your orders from their website, all free of charge. The pre-order period for the Nutcracker-Inspired Collection has started on the 15th of October 2021 and shipping will start on the second week of November. Purchasing the collection also grants you exclusive access to their upcoming three-part launch event with three ballerina guests.

To be one of the first to receive PRIMA’s future collections without the need of pre-ordering, you can also check out their membership plans for Prima Club. Hurry and place your orders now so you would not miss out on any of the exciting events PRIMA has in store for you!

Written by: Grace Iglesias

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