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Christmas with Prima

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Prima celebrates its first Christmas.

Christmas marks the start of year-end celebrations, a chance to reminisce and celebrate achievements from the months that have passed. While the pandemic has put a halt to physical gatherings, it does not lessen the excitement in preparing for the festive season. Decorations up, presents wrapped, and the gears are set into motion for the perfect Christmas celebration.

To commemorate the season of giving, Prima has prepared a variety of gifts, and a way for you to send your own, too! With the launch of Prima’s newest gift vouchers, you can now skip the uncertainties of choosing the best Prima Collection for your loved ones and let them do the choosing. And if you are set on wanting to keep your gift a surprise, sprinkle in a touch of affection by leaving a personalized message, which is now an available option when checking out on Prima’s website.

On the topic of Christmas celebrations and gift-giving, Prima’s first Christmas surely cannot pass by without a party. With that, Prima curates an event not just for Prima Club members, but for all the ballerinas around the world, too. From game prizes to raffle draws, there is a lot of gifts that everyone could look forward to.

For the first event Prima has prepared, the Prima Club members were invited to mingle and play together, all within the comfort of their own homes, through Zoom. With the lovely host, Ms. Mika Fabella, leading the event, it was hard not to feel excited about the games that are about to start

1st Game: Santa Bring Me

Prize: 1-on-1 private class with Yasmine Naghdi

After the reveal of the first prize, which was a one-on-one private class with Ms. Yasmine Naghdi, the competitive spirit was bustling among the members. A classic game of ‘Bring Me’ is introduced as the first game and the members obviously perked with the idea of playing something familiar. With the private class as a prize in mind, it gets everyone on their toes, ready to dash around for their things.

Even after two rounds of the first game, everyone’s points were on par with each other. It was not until the last few rounds that a winner emerged and it was the lovely Ms. Sophie Choi who managed to do so!

The high has yet to come down from the first game but the next prize was already revealed: a one-on-one private class with none other than Ms. Miko Fogarty, who was one of the guests during the launch of Prima’s latest Nutcracker-Inspired Hair Care Collection. After leading a class for the Prima Club members last November, she is back once again for a private class with the lucky winner of the next game.

2nd Game: Who am I?

Prize: 1-on-1 private class with Miko Fogarty

While the first game needed more of the members’ endurance, the second game of ‘Who am I?’ will have to test their deduction skills to find out who is behind the silhouettes presented on screen. However, it looks like Prima has underestimated the knowledge that the members have about notable ballet figures! The clues for the identities of the silhouettes were casted aside as the members pass through the rounds with ease.

After rounding up the scores of the players, the ever-so-clever Ms. Yu Han Lim managed to gather the most points and was the winner for the second game! With that, the party calms down and Ms. Fabella takes the lead for the next segment.

Before the party ends, Prima announced the upcoming collection for the year 2022: the Swan Lake-Inspired Scrub & Soak Collection. As it is one of the benefits the members of Prima Club have, the soon-to-be-released collection will be right at their doorstep once it is revealed and made available to the public.

Prima also takes the chance to express their gratitude for the support received from the members. From attending Prima Club events to joining video challenges, everything went by successfully thanks to the effort of each and every one of them.

For the last segment, Prima has prepared gift vouchers for three lucky winners. As the host spins the wheel with everyone’s names, the cheers flood in for Ms. Alicia Koo and Ms. Sophie Choi, who won a €100 gift voucher each, and Ms. Matia Ingrey, who won a €300 gift voucher. With that, we would like to say congratulations to all of the winners of Prima’s first Christmas party!

Of course, the second event prepared by Prima was not forgotten. During Prima’s livestream on its Instagram account, hints were given throughout the event to help the viewers grab a slot for the gift raffle. And after collecting everyone’s entries, the three winners for Prima’s gift raffle are Instagram users @jessicatan_dance, @amy0tang, and @its._zainne, who won a Cooling Collection, a Nutcracker-Inspired Collection, and a €300 Prima Gift Voucher respectively.

Though Christmas has ended and we have entered a new year, the season of giving does not necessarily have to end along with it. Let your loved ones know how dear they are to you, whatever day it may be. Share the gift of comfort and be one with Prima as we join your journey in spreading love for all the many years to come.

Written by: Grace Iglesias

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