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Ballet Talk: Prima Club Welcomes Their First Guest

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Back-to-back Prima Club events with Mariinsky Theater’s Maria Khoreva

PRIMA first introduced Prima Club during their debut launch as a community where every ballerina belongs. Prima Club allows you to stay connected with fellow ballerinas from across the globe through forums and events catered for different interests. From being a ballet influencer to preparing for company auditions, Prima Club invites Maria Khoreva to talk about her experiences as she presses forward with her ballet journey.

For the past years, Khoreva has continuously produced ballet-related content, gaining more than half a million followers on her Instagram account alone. On her YouTube channel, she has also shared multiple videos, from ballet stages to behind-the-scenes preparations, pre-class warm-ups to maintaining your lines, covering almost everything a ballerina could look for. There is no doubt that she has inspired several of her audience to start a career of their own by being a ballet influencer.

While producing content about your ballet journey sounds easy, it may not be the smoothest path to take. There are creative blocks, hateful comments, burnouts, balancing work and passion, and a lot of other factors that could set you back. Luckily, Khoreva shares tips of her own on how she deals with those setbacks that could help you with your journey, too.

All About Being a Ballet Influencer Class and Q&A

Prima Club’s first event was held on the 29th of October 2021, and it starts with a simple ballet class. Khoreva starts hers with a simple combination, aiming to correct common mistakes to help better one’s level of performance. With her guidance, the Prima Club members had the chance to reevaluate their lines and make quick corrections. As the class ends, the members were given a chance to ask their questions for Khoreva personally.

Posting about your ballet journey is something one can do leisurely, but with being an influencer comes the expectations from your followers. Sophie Choi, Prima Club member, asks if this compels Khoreva to update frequently on social media. “My (posting) schedule is not regular whatsoever,” Khoreva states, “because I try to incorporate my thoughts and feelings for my posts on social media.”

It is important to set your boundaries when it comes to posting. While Khoreva acknowledges the fact that posting on her Instagram is essential, she notes that she has always prioritized her work in the theater and working on herself before social media. Knowing what you should focus on and how to funnel it down is a good way to not lose yourself in the creative process and keep yourself in check.

Khoreva also shares that she handles her Instagram alone since the connection she has with her audience is something dear to her and having a social media manager could interfere with that. Though she admits she has a team to help her with her YouTube channel, she still decides the content, herself. As an influencer, the authenticity of how you present yourself is a great factor in building up an audience that will support you in what you do, in what you love.

“Because we are artists, we are always surrounded with a lot of art.”

Art is not limited to what people consider as art. Khoreva’s inspiration for social media comes from social media. She also adds: “I am lucky to work at Mariinsky. The theater gives me so, so much inspiration because the theater is such a magical place.” Being surrounded by art, by people who recognize this art the same way as you do, keeps the ideas flowing. It brings everyone in, forming a circle of its own that continuously grows as more people join. It is the beauty with camaraderie that Prima Club strives to encourage with the members.

Though social media is a great source of inspiration, there are also problems that come with it—the inevitable hate comments. Davelyn Abraham asks Khoreva about how she deals with such. “At first it was hard emotionally and psychologically,” Khoreva starts, “but then I come to the realization that it’s going to happen all the time, people will say what they want to say, but what’s more important is that I have an incredible audience.” She reiterates that the positivity she receives, the support of her friends, all of those are better to focus on than the random hate that people spew.

Khoreva also shares what she considers the best advice for anyone wanting to be a ballet influencer: love what you do. It is one thing to share your journey on social media, and another to share your journey with the purpose of inspiring a community that follows you. Your passion should be the center because your sincerity could be felt from what you post, and when you are being genuine, the rest will follow.

As the first event draws to a close, Prima Club members bid Khoreva goodbye. But before leaving, she reveals that she will also be joining the next event but with a different topic. The back-to-back events with Maria Khoreva was an exciting announcement for the members, especially when some of them have been keeping up with her on social media, as well. With company auditions happening soon, Prima Club has set the next event’s topic to be about auditions and opportunities

Ballet Company Auditions and Opportunities Class and Q&A

On the 26th of September 2021, Khoreva excitedly shares that she will be teaching fun set of combinations she has recently learned at the Mariinsky Theater. With both new and old Prima Club members ready to take on today’s class, everyone maintained a light atmosphere as they go through the combinations. During the class, Khoreva shares her own tips on how she improved her lines when she was learning the combinations at the theater.

Once the class was over, the members settled down to move on to the discussion, eager to know what experiences the talented first soloist of Mariinsky Theater, herself, would share to everyone. The first question from Lim Yuhan was about requirements and whether or not do companies have differences. Khoreva states that, to her understanding, it is natural that Western companies look more of Western techniques, while European countries look more of European. However, that does not limit what companies you could apply to. One important tip when it comes to applying for companies is having an open mind. It is not uncommon for ballerinas to switch between different techniques, it all boils down to how you cope with the changes.

“People at the audition want to see that you don’t fear to dance.”

They say that confidence is key, and it truly is. Tensing up and restricting your movements for the sake of finding your balance would not help once you proceed with your combinations. Khoreva says: “They don’t want to see perfect balance from you, they don’t want to see perfect pirouettes. (…) They want to see the coordination of moments, see if you can move beautifully.” Your flow should be the priority, and with practiced confidence, you can get through that tiny wobble when you change positions and present your beautiful line for the judges to see.

Another tip Khoreva shared is to not overdo your warm-up. You would not want your muscles to become too soft during your audition and have less control over your body. When it comes to auditions, Khoreva finds that it was better for her to let her body do what she prepared for it to do rather than showing off. Wear the pointe shoes you are most comfortable in, prepare yourself mentally, and show that you can brush off any signs of nervousness that the judges could possibly catch on.

But after all of these audition tips, there comes the decision of choosing the perfect company for you. For this, Khoreva advises that looking through a company’s repertoire is the best way to decide. Ballet is your passion, something close to your heart, so choose a company whose repertoire speaks to it. Ballet companies are mostly universal that offer different styles. Find the perfect balance between knowing what you can do, and how far you are willing to learn to surpass your current limits.

Everyone started to say their goodbyes as the second event with Maria Khoreva ends. From these back-to-back events, Prima Club aims to be of help for the budding talents of ballerinas within the community. And while these events are surely not the last, another thing to look forward to is the new lineup of products that PRIMA will release as the season of giving inches closer. You can keep track of PRIMA’s upcoming events through their website, or on any of their socials: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

Written by: Grace Iglesias

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