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PRIMA celebrates every ballerina's success on the stage, and in the world.
Our goal is to be part of every ballerina's story and ritual by assisting ballet professionals with in-stage performance, backstage rituals, and at-home relaxation.


Cooling Collection

The Cooling Collection aims to help ballerinas with training-related muscle pain – perfect for easing weary senses and reinvigorating the body. 

Hair Care Collection

Celebrate Christmas in Nutcracker Spirit. Effortlessly take care of your locks after countless hair damaging buns with Clara and Sugar Plum-inspired hair care products.

Nutcracker-inspired Hair Care Collection Set.jpg
Bath an d Body Collection in White Background.jpg

Bath and Body Collection

Feel comfortable in your own skin. Give your skin the love and pamper it deserves with Swan Lake-inspired soak and scrub essentials perfect for a spa day at home.

Blumenfee Collection

Meaning Flower and Fairy, this Sleeping Beauty-themed Collection is our answer to overall self and body care and muscle pain relief. Formulated with Epsom Salt and different flower scents, the Blumenfee collection is your next self-care routine staple.

Available on June 2022.

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